Andy is an educational, motivational and inspirational speaker. He talks at a wide variety of film festivals, schools, universities, corporate facilities and events. Andy has 20 years experience in filmmaking, from corporate work to music videos, short films, documentaries and a feature. He has produced and directed over 1000 business films for clients such as Nike, ASDA, Orange, Mitre, BBC and the Prince’s Trust.  He offers film consultation to corporate clients about their filmmaking and visual marketing needs. Using broadband, Andy can offer virtual services as an alternative to travelling direct; dealing virtually with clients all over the globe.

Andy’s complete book for independent filmmakers is available at:

Outside of his own film production work, Andy manages “The Production Posse” and develops filmmaking resources and digital content.




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“You have the potential to make a phenomenal film that will shake the world.
Go make it happen, there is absolutely nothing stopping you.”

Andy Wilton: The Atomic Filmmaker

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How do I get the skills to make my independent film?

Hollywood Hates This Book: The 7 Step Guide To Making Your Film For Free

Andy Wilton's filmmaking book teaches the reader how to make an amazing feature film, from scratch, on any budget!

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Where can I get the tools and support to make my film?

The Production Posse - Home of Independent Filmmaking

The Online Resource for Independent Filmmaking Education, Motivation, Collaboration and Inspiration!

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